Our company provides services in the maritime sector as a ship agency in Antalya.

The work we have done and continue to do for more than 25 years is the guarantee of our future success.

The care we show to our work; We know that the trust we have in our environment and in other employees is our gain.

As Adalya Shipping, we are at your service 24/7.



Adalya Shipping Co. Ltd.

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Antalya Buoys

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Antalya Harbor

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Fatih Drill Ship Antalya 2018



✓ Arrival and deperture formalytys

✓ Agency services for Passenger, General Cargo, Tanker

✓ Cargo Loading & Discharging attendance

✓ Provision, Freshwater Supply

✓ Garbage & Oily Waste disposal services

✓ Diving services

✓ Crew change and repatriation

✓ Motorboat & Car services

✓ Delivery services (cash to Master, spare parts, mail)

✓ Customs formalities


Contact Us

➤ Adress:

Liman mah. 33. sok. Özlen Sitesi A blok K3 D11 Konyaaltı / Antalya

☎ Tel:

+90 242 259 20 05

+90 242 259 49 00

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